About Chang, Shun Zheng/ R.TCMP & R.AC #1364
1976 - Graduated from TianJin Chinese TCM College
- 1984 - Graduated from TianJin Chinese TCM          University
- Third generation of Chinese TCM and      Acupuncturist
- National Drug Identification Committee member in China
- More than 45 years of clinical experience and has treated over 200,000 medical cases
- Diabetes specialist hospital specialist doctor and administrator
- Tianjin Chi Kung (Qi kong) Director of Staff Association 
- Editorial Director and Managing Editor in Chief of the China TCM Technology Publishing society of <Chinese Acupuncture Chart> 
- Member of China's Acupuncture Society Ear Acupuncture Therapy Specialist Committee and the Assistant Head Leader of Literature Research Group
- China Anti-Aging Association member

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Chang Shun Zheng;
R.TCMP & R.Ac #1364

Practing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1971